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The Waggle Weight Wisdom blog is a column that fundamentally focuses on skilled advice about a golf swing and the fitting of related equipment, based on the experiences of long-time golf professional Bill Kostuj.  Part of his education includes years in pursuit of a playing career in golf, plus more than thirty-five hundred pages of hand-written golf notes (and counting), partly contributing to his very insightful knowledge regarding many aspects of the above skills.  The blog may also recite the progress of trying to bring the Waggle Weight vision and business to the attention of the golfing world.  A few more personal facts can be found near the end of the Waggle Weight Press Release page, linked through WaggleWeight.com Home.     Google+.

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The contents in this blog and the WaggleWeight.com pages are copyrighted material. Waggle Weight Wisdom would be honored to participate with those who realize the existence of and want to help correct the substantial amount of misinformation currently promoted by others regarding the golf topics covered, provided that some reasonable conditions are adhered to.  Limited excerpt(s) may be copied without permission if prominently accompanied by citing/linking that points to the author and location of the remainder of the work.  The author retains all legal rights, though, including the rights to deny continued use of the material and to alter the conditions of use.  The author is also very open to having his complete articles displayed by others, but quite concerned that too many reduplications, as could occur through article submission or similar services, may not be a good thing.  Thus, Waggle Weight Wisdom does not presently turn to such services.  Any rights of reproduction for entire articles, whether for individual works or syndication of all articles, are currently obtainable only directly through the WaggleWeight™ Company.  A more restricted availability can be extremely valuable to those who do utilize the content as opposed to if “anyone” were able to use it.  Please e-mail the blog’s author if interested in using this more exclusively obtainable material produced by Waggle Weight Wisdom. May we all be aware of the regulations and laws governing the use and reproduction of such intellectual property and abide by them.